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Push Up Warrior

This weekend I visited with my friend and his boys.  One of the boys is interested in how I work out.  We used the Push Up Warrior app to learn how to do the basic push up correctly and to learn some new push ups to change things up a bit. We had fun trying some of the more difficult ... Read More »

How Samsung Will Force Fitness Apps Open Via ReadWrite

  With so many monitoring devices for your wrist, how do you decided? We have the Nike FuelBand, the FitBit, and now we have the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch. The Sync Burn can actually get the biological signals to track our heart rates. Check out the future of wrist wear here: http://readwrite.com/2013/09/05/samsung-galaxy-gear-fitness-apps-standards &_suid=137842329205804245386435650289#awesm=~ogBREVsBzrQAai  Read More »

Running!! – An Insight on iPhone Running Apps

I have been a little out of sorts lately rehabbing my lower back.   Patience, the right exercises,stretches, rolling out,  chiropractic care and acupuncture have helped me recover! it’s a slow process but I am patient. If you’d like to see my rehab exercises you can find me as AnnLago the Dedicated on www.fitocracy.com. Please feel free to send me ... Read More »

UP by Jawbone

  UP by Jawbone is far from free, although you may download the app itself at no cost. The software, however, is only useful when linked to an accompanying wristband (MSRP $129.99). The wristband uses an accelerometer to record activity and monitor sleep quality. The physical design of the band is superb, as is the quality of the data it ... Read More »

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