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Calorie Count

Calorie Count is another free diet tool that helps you track your diet, exercise and weight loss. The database for this app contains over 250,000 foods and is based off of their award winning website,, which has a following of about 3 million users. What’s different about this app is that in addition to being able to search for ... Read More »


Mapmywalk allows you to track and map your daily walking activity as well as your nutrition. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Mapmyrun and Mapmyride have the same features, but each app is geared more toward each specific movement of exercise. This makes each one more accurate and focused on your goal and although some users have complained about Internet ... Read More »

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club puts together your workout based on your personal body shape goal. When you first open the app, you have the choice of “Get Lean,” “Get Toned,” “Get Strong,” or “Get Focused.” Based on your ultimate aspiration from exercising, you can decide what you want your outcome to be and then the next step is to choose your ... Read More »


Mapmyride is the same app as Mapmyrun, only for cycling. You can easily use this app to track your route with GPS as well as your speed, distance and calories burned. Mapmyride also takes your altitude into account, which is an important factor when cycling uphill and downhill. This Mapmyrun gives accurate feedback information regarding your route, unlike similar apps ... Read More »


C25K is a proud sponsor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and is designed for new runners that want to learn how to run a 5K by following an 8 week plan. Upon opening the app, you are greeted with a motivational quote and exercise tips, and then you are free to begin your run. C25K has a day-by-day plan ... Read More »


Fooducate is one of the better diet trackers for your phone. It offers unique options regarding your personal diet when you first log in, such as “warn me about GMOs,” “avoid processed foods,” “eat vegetarian,” and “eat vegan.” These are factors most diet apps do not take into consideration, and could help determine nutrient needs. There is also an option ... Read More »


Unlike most exercise tracking apps, Moves automatically calculates your steps and distance without having to press “start” or “begin”. I had downloaded Moves days before I looked at it, and when I opened it, I was able to see all the places I had been since I downloaded it, how many steps I took each day. Moves differentiates between transportation ... Read More »

Weight Watchers Mobile

The Weight Watchers mobile App offers some free features, but in order to track your points and enter your food intake, you have to update to the paid version. The free version, however, does offer some unique recipes such as grilled cremini mushrooms with Dijon dipping sauce and Cuban flank steak with fresh herb sauce. I am not sure how ... Read More »


Runkeeper is similar to other running apps, but with more features than most. It’s easy to use and starts you off by having you enter in basic information. What makes this running app unique is that you can also choose the option of using RunKeeper for other activities such as cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and swimming. You have the option ... Read More »


Mapmyrun is easy to use and contains a variety of features that can be entertaining and informative for outdoor runners. The GPS tracks your run and gives you an extensive report when the run is completed. This report consists of distance (in miles and feet), pace, and duration. Mapmyrun can also sense elevation, so when you are running uphill or ... Read More »