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Every Body Walk 2014 Review

There’s a well-known saying “When you stop moving, you die”.  The sentiment behind this is to encourage people to keep active and stay moving.  The Every Body Walk app is another tool in the arsenal of getting people healthy and fit through the power of walking. Turning your smart phone into a pedometer, this app is more than just a ... Read More »

Fitocracy 2014 Review

It was bound to happen – winter eventually faded away, and with it went all the bulky, fat hiding jackets and sweaters.  Maybe you’ve already faced the annual spring ritual and went eyeball to eyeball with a dressing room mirror while bravely clutching a bathing suit.  If your ‘This is the year I’ll lose weight!’ resolution is a hazy memory ... Read More »

Fooducate 2014 Review

Fooducate is a one-stop shop for diet and fitness. Sugar, trans fats, food colorings, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, additives…the list goes on and on. It’s the stuff weight gain is made of and the stuff you need to avoid on the long and winding road to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Breaking down ingredient lists and nutritional value can be confusing ... Read More »

MapMyFitness 2014 Review

The only thing missing from this app is a bright red bow on the package. MapMyFitness is, simply put, a one-stop shop fitness tracker. This app breaks down every aspect of your fitness regimen and keeps you on track, literally, using your smartphone’s GPS. This all-in-one fitness tracker will collect, log and record your workout, giving you the freedom to ... Read More »

Featured App Friday: Fooducate

Fooducate is one of the absolute best, free nutrition apps for iphone/android and the goal is to help people improve their health status by eating real food. In fact, the app was brought to life by the creator, who was simply trying to choose healthy food for 3 children. How Fooducate works: Scan the barcode of a food item while ... Read More »

Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out! Get Fit With PEAR App

Springtime is here! Everywhere you turn you can see people “springing their fitness routines into action. Jogging, cycling and power walking are just a few of the ways people are amping up their heart rate and cardiovascular routines in addition to flexing their biceps, triceps and working their glutes and quads with interval training sessions. Parks, gyms and neighborhoods are ... Read More »

Featured App Friday: Pacer

Pacer is an activity and personal health tracker for your smart phone. The app was designed with the simple goal of helping the average person live a healthier and more active life. The app has key features including: -Automatic 24 hour activity tracking -Body weight tracking -Blood pressure journal Pacer’s activity tracking works by using the accelerometers in your smartphone ... Read More »

Five Ways To Get Out Of Your Workout Rut!

It happens to the best of us. You get yourself to the gym, but after some time you end up doing the same exercises day after day, until you’re barely sweating, and completely bored with your workout. While you should still be proud that you’re taking the time to fit exercise into your busy schedule, you should also still be ... Read More »

An App A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Trying to lose weight can be very frustrating at times. After all, it’s easy to “fall off the wagon” without the right support at hand. These days, the power of high technology assists dieters with remaining motivated and organized as they reduce calories, get fit and make the most of their shapes. To help you understand the value of nutrition ... Read More »

Featured App Friday: ShopWell

ShopWell is a personalized nutrition app that helps users figure out what foods are healthy for them based on their nutritional goals. While most nutrition apps give you information based on an average score, ShopWell allows you to enter your personal goal to give you your personalized score, and then when you scan products in the supermarket, each one will ... Read More »