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Restaurant Nutrition by Unified Lifestyle

  The Restaurant Nutrition app helps you figure out where to eat, and what to eat when you get there. Many fast food and chain restaurants are represented. After Restaurant Nutrition has located your restaurant and let you know how to get there, you can view nutrition information on the foods they serve, so that you can make a healthy ... Read More »

Dinner Spinner by

  Dinner Spinner by won’t just keep track of what you eat, it’ll inspire you to try to new and healthier choices. You can browse the app’s 40,000 recipes by ingredient , or spin to get a random selection. You can even input how long you want to spend preparing your meal, and the app will narrow your search ... Read More »


Fooducate does more than just keep track of what you eat. Using the barcode scanner or food search tool, locate the food item you want information on. Once you’ve found your food, you’ll see information on calories per serving, some nutritional pros and cons, and an overall grade. Tapping will expand the window to include the entire nutrition facts label ... Read More »

Lose It!

  The Lose It! app delivers a wide range of features aimed at helping you reach your weight loss goals, using a mostly nutritionally-based approach. The developers have also included some goal-setting and measuring features geared more towards overall wellness, such as quality of sleep and circumference measurement tracking. You can also input exercise data to obtain calories-burned estimates. There ... Read More »


MapMyFitness+ is another all-in-one fitness-tracker. It uses the GPS already built in to your iPhone or Android (OS 2.1 or higher) device to tracker speed, distance, duration, elevation, and, of course, maps your route for easy access any time in the future. You can set up a free account online and have your runs or rides automatically uploaded, and the ... Read More »

Every Body Walk

  Every Body Walk is a simple app with a simple purpose: Track your numbers while you walk. Not only will Every Body Walk tally your distance, time, and an estimate of calories burned, it will also map your route in real time. You can save walks and view them later, or share your info on Facebook or Twitter. The ... Read More »

Zombies, Run!

  There’s nothing like a mission to keep you motivated, and Zombies, Run has got 23 of them. If a simple playlist isn’t enough to keep you entertained during a run, you might consider upgrading to Zombies, Run, the running app/game that pits you against a town of zombies who would like to feast on your brain. The app will ... Read More »

Fitbit App for iPhone and Android Devices

If you’ve decided to start living a healthier lifestyle, you may have heard of FitBit. FitBit combines wireless technology with sensors to create an amazing experience for people that want to get fit, and change the way they move. FitBit is both a fitness app, and a product – a FitBit band is a fitness band that can track your ... Read More »