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Top Fitness Gadgets For The Outdoors

Fitness gadgets are changing the way we exercise. You might think its not possible to monitor your heart rate, number of steps taken or amount of calorie you’ve burned, but there are some really cool gadgets out there that do just that and more. They encourage you too keep fit and let you know just how effective your daily workout ... Read More »

Grokker App Review

Grokker is a yoga/fitness/cooking app that we are crazy about! The basic set up is the same as most social media/ fitness apps. There is a newsfeed, profile, search, and ‘your video’ tab. It is user friendly and easy to navigate through. What we really love about this app is the content. Your newsfeed finds workouts for each morning that you ... Read More »

Why We Love Our Fitbit!

Alright, I’ll admit I fell into the pedometer hype in 2004 when McDonalds conveniently included one in my salad, and again in 2014 when the updated, “app-related” ones became popular. I made the leap to buy one of those new-fangled step counters when all of my friends were wearing one. Why did I buy a Fitbit; because Khol’s had them ... Read More »

Hot5 Fitness App

I was really excited to download the Hot5 Fitness app. Anyway to not have to leave my house in the winter is two thumbs up for me. With this app you can achieve that, if you want to pay for it- but I’ll get into that. “Quick workout videos designed by top personal trainers to supercharge your metabolism for an ... Read More »

I’m baaaa-aaack…

Well, a lot has happened in the last several months…I’ve moved, gotten engaged to a wonderful man!!, taken up powerlifting and , of course, got injured……… blah……. I have spent the last several months at the massage therapist, chiropractor, doctor. MRI was declined by insurance so we are continuing with rehab….  I have a hip flexor injury and aggrivation of ... Read More »

3 Apps To Help You Master A Marathon

Let me start this review off by stating for the record that I hate running, or at least long distance running. I find it to be monotonous, mundane and my little fast twitch muscle fibers would much rather be sprinting. I have an outrageous amount of respect for my friends who run and put themselves in a mental state where ... Read More »

The Fitness App Experiment – To Do

Wow, what an amazing start to this experiment! One of the hardest things I have trouble with is setting time aside to workout i.e. 1 hour a day between 6am-7am. Sometimes my life is sparatoc, not as organized as I’d like, and sometimes I just want to drop down and start cranking out pushups. So I know the first thing ... Read More »

The Fitness App Experiment – Goal Setting

With my schedule being so crazy working at Training for Warriors, I’ve decided to do the unthinkable, something I never thought I would ever do…….I canceled my gym membership. Hypocrite! Fake! I know I know, but it’s not what you think. You see, I’ve decided to try an experiment and finally put the great “fitness app debate” to rest. I want to ... Read More »

Charity Miles: An App That Gives Back

Fitness apps are steadily becoming more and more popular. Within the health and fitness industry, there is a variety of apps that are very helpful, convenient, and easy to use. I recently came across an app that actually allows you to earn money to be donated to the charity of your choice, through your choice of either: biking, walking, or ... Read More »


An ever-growing emphasis on health consciousness, along with marketing strategies that prioritize maximizing profits over providing good health information and products, means that many of us are left wondering what, if any, strategy can help us improve our health and fitness. Still, the most common question that I get is this classic: “What’s the best way to lose body fat?” ... Read More »

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