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Get Your Dog In Shape With Fitness Apps!

One of the more infamous New Jersey Housewives said something like “in our culture, food is love,” during a recent episode. It’s not just Italian-Americans.  “Kindness” in our culture generally involves food.  Most of our social activities revolve around food: celebrations, rewards, bribes, and consolation all involve food. More often than not, food that has little value as fuel for ... Read More »

Jillian Michaels Slim Down

Jillian Michaels Slim Down This app claims to have it all, with the famous extreme weight loss coach Jillian Michaels personally training you at the forefront. If this sounds unrealistic for a free app with a lot of downloads, that’s because it is. The app begins by having you create an account. After filling out all of your information, you’ll ... Read More »

Top 3 Fitness Apps From A Dietitian

As a Registered Dietitian for over 10 years, founder of Bestowed, and marathon runner, Heather Bauer is an expert on healthy living and weight loss. By incorporating fitness apps into her own life and the lives of her clients, she is able to bring her knowledge of nutrition and fitness to the next level. So what apps does a nutritionist ... Read More »

How Personal Trainers Use Fitness Apps

As the head trainer at Volt Fitness in Glen Rock, NJ, Jon Marciani knows how to condition athletes and improve their performance. What he also knows is that in order for his clients to maximize results, they must be compliant outside of his strength training sessions. As Jon describes, “Most of my attention during sessions is focused on muscle strength ... Read More »


Ok guys, you should know…I’m a strong woman, physically and emotionally. However, I am a wee bit technologically challenged. SO.  as I get going here the posts will be better, I promise…. I love lifting weights. I am currently doing Wendler’s 5/3/1 for weights and I’ve incorporated it to my TFW training (www.trainingforwarriors.com).  I log ALL of my workouts on ... Read More »

Monday Morning Mapmywalk!

After ignoring the pain in my calf for far too long, I finally came to terms with the fact that I should take a break from running for a couple days. The thought of walking indoors on a treadmill with this beautiful weather, though, was not so appealing. Instead, I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood using ... Read More »

Today’s Run

Today I ran 4.7 miles in the 97 degree heat in northeast USA!!  I tracked my mileage, pace, calories burned and route with a Nike Running App powered by MotionX I downloaded from the App store.   I like this app because the GPS makes your distance accurate. It’s easy to use. The downside is that it doesn’t automatically connect ... Read More »

Strava Cycling

Strava Cycling allows you to track your rides and view your distance, speed, elevation, and calories burned. This app also includes features such as heart rate sensors and the ability to view your ride on a map. As an added bonus, Strava doesn’t drain your phones battery, and can be useful if you’re riding somewhere new, but the GPS is ... Read More »

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