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Bluetooth Connection

In previous articles we’ve talked about our love for Fitbits and we know you are out there and loving some sort of fitness related devices. With that being said, we hate when we go to the gym, workout to meet our goals, and all the information is stored in the equipment rather than in our personal devices. Well, the equipment maker, Life Fitness is changing that with Bluetooth connection.



Life Fitness Bluetooth Connection



The plan to update their fitness equipment makes it possible for the fitness enthusiast to log into consoles and import the data into their personal devices. Simply using a Bluetooth connection at the gym, gym goers will be able to collect their information from their workout.  We think that it is about time someone came up with this idea. As the fitness world changes, we no longer only want to see how we are doing while we are working out, but want to be able to log it, grow from it, and show it off on social media.  Life Fitness will hopefully set a trend for equipment manufactures to beginning to create similar technology so we can have this capability in gyms across the United States.

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