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To use the JeromeFitness app, simply:

Step 1: Open App

Step 2: Click on videos

Step 3: Use the filter to find the right exercise for you

Step 4: Watch the video

Step 5: Work out!


Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, JeromeFitness contains plenty of basic information and 100+ exercises (with more to come), and you can select bodyweight or flexibility.

As JeromeFitness became popular on YouTube, more people started to ask him to make an app they could use at the gym. As of right now, JeromeFitness is only available for the iPhone ($2.99), but they have plans to make the app for Android in the future.

The app is simple: The main feature is the short instructional videos, each about 20 seconds. These videos will show each exercise (either on Fitness or on Flexibility) along with a written instruction and information on which muscles you are targeting.


The instructions can also be found below the video, so you can take your time to read them.

By adding the videos to your favorites (using the “star-icon”), you can also make your own workout routine, which allows you to quickly go through the exercises you want to do in the gym.

Using the search/filtering option on JeromeFitness, you can select what type of exercise you would like to do (Fitness or Flexibility), which muscle group you would like to train and whether you want to train using a barbell, dumbbell or bodyweight. Free text search is also available to quickly find a specific exercise.

In addition to the videos, there is also a calculator that can be used to calculate the amount of kcal and protein you need each day, given your personal activity level, goal and stats as well as general information on fitness, flexibility and nutrition.

Do keep in mind, however, that while JeromeFitness may provide you with a good workout, the nutrition information is not coming from a registered dietitian!

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