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Baritrack: Support you need after Bariatric Surgery

The most common concern for patients starting their new lives after bariatric surgery is, “Am I losing the right amount of weight?” To help answer this question, a bariatric surgeon and a bariatric dietitian teamed up to create the Baritrack app, which gives you the support you need at your fingertips.

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Baritrack helps you properly track your weight loss on a monthly basis, to make sure you are on the right track toward your goals. In addition to including your protein and vitamin needs, Baritrack even allows you to choose healthy options when eating out.

The app uses your current location to help you find restaurants in your area, with approved menu options, straight from a Bariatric dietitian.

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While most apps are geared toward the general population, Baritrack was created specifically for patients by professionals in the field, and it gives you the tools you need to successfully lose weight in the proper time frame.

As they told us in a recent interview, “We know what works, and we want to help the success rate after surgery.”

While there are more features on the horizon for Baritrack, it is the perfect tool to help Bariatric patients succeed, so spread the word!

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