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Featured App Friday: PopSugar Active

It’s no surprise that PopSugar Active is on the iTunes list of  “Top Free Apps.” This awesome fitness app includes all  of the PopSugar workouts AND it carries over the PopSugar Fitness personality in its high quality video content. The app consists of many short video workouts, with the availability to download as well so that you can still work out even ... Read More »

Favorite App Friday: Pocket Yoga

Sergio Tacconi had been doing yoga for 8 years, when about 3 years ago he decided to make his practice into an app. As he told us in a recent interview, “When you make it for yourself, you know what you want, so the product turns out better.” Because he was working for Microsoft doing software engineering at the time, ... Read More »


An ever-growing emphasis on health consciousness, along with marketing strategies that prioritize maximizing profits over providing good health information and products, means that many of us are left wondering what, if any, strategy can help us improve our health and fitness. Still, the most common question that I get is this classic: “What’s the best way to lose body fat?” ... Read More »

Monday Morning Mapmywalk!

After ignoring the pain in my calf for far too long, I finally came to terms with the fact that I should take a break from running for a couple days. The thought of walking indoors on a treadmill with this beautiful weather, though, was not so appealing. Instead, I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood using ... Read More »

Strava Cycling

Strava Cycling allows you to track your rides and view your distance, speed, elevation, and calories burned. This app also includes features such as heart rate sensors and the ability to view your ride on a map. As an added bonus, Strava doesn’t drain your phones battery, and can be useful if you’re riding somewhere new, but the GPS is ... Read More »


C25K is a proud sponsor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and is designed for new runners that want to learn how to run a 5K by following an 8 week plan. Upon opening the app, you are greeted with a motivational quote and exercise tips, and then you are free to begin your run. C25K has a day-by-day plan ... Read More »


Runkeeper is similar to other running apps, but with more features than most. It’s easy to use and starts you off by having you enter in basic information. What makes this running app unique is that you can also choose the option of using RunKeeper for other activities such as cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and swimming. You have the option ... Read More »


Mapmyrun is easy to use and contains a variety of features that can be entertaining and informative for outdoor runners. The GPS tracks your run and gives you an extensive report when the run is completed. This report consists of distance (in miles and feet), pace, and duration. Mapmyrun can also sense elevation, so when you are running uphill or ... Read More »

Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running tracks your running activity using a GPS, which can be very useful for the outdoor runner. You can, however, choose the indoor option as well. Nike+ contains features focusing on motivation such as music and cheering, which can be helpful to users, and it even gives you the option to add friends for encouragement. You also have the ... Read More »

UP by Jawbone

  UP by Jawbone is far from free, although you may download the app itself at no cost. The software, however, is only useful when linked to an accompanying wristband (MSRP $129.99). The wristband uses an accelerometer to record activity and monitor sleep quality. The physical design of the band is superb, as is the quality of the data it ... Read More »

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