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Top 10 Fitness Gifts of 2013

The holidays are a time for gift giving, and fitness friends can be the hardest people to buy for. No matter what your budget is this winter, you can find an awesome gift that will help your friends and family stay or get in shape. We’ve complied a list of 10 gadgets that are either perfect for you to use in order to stay in shape throughout the winter, or serve as the perfect gifts for anyone!

Nike+ Fuelband SE  ($149) tracks all of your everyday activities, including the intensity of your workout, steps taken, and your sleep. It’s water resistant, and syncs directly with your Nike+app. Any guy that’s into health and fitness will love being able to see their daily stats and it’s design is cool enough to wear around all day.



Hapifork ($99..99) is the perfect gift for the friend who eats too fast and knows it. It track and monitors your eating habits including forkfuls per minute, how long the meal took to complete, and intervals between forkfuls so that if you’re eating too fast it stops you by vibrating and lighting up. Download the Hapifork app to see your meal stats and upload your data wirelessly! Use Hapifork along with Calorie Count to stay fit during the holidays season.



Jawbone UP24 (149.99) gives you in depth detail about your health habits by tracking steps, sleep and calorie consumption and is available in several colors, making it fashionable and fitness friendly. By learning about your daily sleep and health habits, you’ll be more inclined to make better choices throughout the day. Sync it with your iphone to make tracking even easier!

jawbone up24


RUNTASTIC LIBRA (129.99)- Not only does this scale record your body weight, it also tells you your body fat percentage, lets you set goals to get to your desired weight, find out your muscle mass, BMI, and body water content as well as calculating your calorie needs and bone mass. It also automatically syncs data to your smartphone or tablet once you download the Runtastic Libra App, which is free. What more could you want from one tool? With Runtastic Libra, you’ll be aware of all of your measurements so that you stay on track throughout the holiday season full of high calorie meals.

runtastic libra


Fitbit zip ($59.99) Just by wearing Fitbit Zip, you can log your everyday steps, distance, and calories burned and to make it even easier, it automatically syncs with your free Fitbit app! It encourages you to set goals, and notifies you when you are close to them as well as when you reach them! Fitbit zip is an easy way to make small changes during the holiday season, and would be a gift of encouragement for any good friend.

fitbit zip


X-1 Surge Mini Waterproof Sport headphones (49.99) are your gift to any outdoor runner or cyclist. They are lightweight, and allow you to listen to your workout playlist even during rain or snow conditions. Don’t let weather be an excuse for not working out!



The Gregory Pace 8 backpack (149.99) is made especially for female runners to carry all of their essentials on their long runs outdoors. It’s comfortable, cute, and lightweight so you (or your running buddy) can focus on the run without any distractions.



Premium Marrakesh Yoga mat from Gaiam ($29.98)- A yoga mat is always a useful gift for any yogi, and this one has support and a pretty design that your yogi friend will love. It’s also phthalate free, textured and cushioned. It can be taken to the gym, or used at home with Pocket Yoga!

Unknown-5Trigger point performance GRID mini foam roller (24.99) can be taken on trips and be used after a hotel room workout. If you’re buying for a guy, we suggest the black or orange, but what girl wouldn’t love the pink foam roller? This is a great gift for someone who travels for business, but is always fitting in workouts!


Sport+Store Water bottle ($20)- Any gym-goer will love this water bottle because you can keep your keys and money in the bottom storage compartment while you work out. It’s also eco- friendly, as well as BPA and lead free, so drink and enjoy! Don’t forget to track your water intake using Waterlogged App!


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