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Apps That Get You In MMA Shape

So you want to be a fighter? There’s an app for that! Well… kind of. It seems there are apps for just about everything nowadays, but can an app actually make you a fighter? No. It can however, help you recall techniques that you may have forgotten and help give you exercises to sharpen the skills that you have. As a martial arts expert, I recently took a closer look at three apps, MMA Ab Workout, Martial Arts Trainer, and Drysdale Jiu Jitsu, that may be worth the download.

I really enjoy MMA Ab Workout because  it’s easy to use and it allows you to choose the length of your workouts. The ab exercises, although some may look a little unorthodox to someone new to jiu jitsu or ground fighting, are very practical. Another reason that I like the app is that there are videos that demonstrate each exercise. The videos are accompanied by descriptions, how the exercise is practical as well as notes about safety considerations while performing the exercise.


I took a look at Martial Arts Trainer, also known as Street Combat Training, because of its great reviews. I have to admit, I do not share everyone’s love for this app. The vibe that I get from this app is that it’s a self-defense app geared to teach you techniques to save you on the street. Coming from an extensive martial arts background with over 20 years in American Kenpo and 5 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I have some strong feelings on this app.

My personal feeling is that life saving techniques should be learned from a professional in person rather than an app.

In addition, these techniques need to be practiced with others in a safe and controlled area.  This app would be better served as a reference for skills that you already have rather than a teaching tool.

There are only about a handful of free videos, the other videos can only be unlocked by writing a review, which explains why there are so many reviews for the app. The other option is to purchase it ranging from $2-$30. If you are going to spend money on self-defense, I would suggest spending it on a class or seminar where you can actually experience the techniques, rather than watching them on an app.

Martial Arts Trainer2

As I have mentioned earlier, martial arts apps will better serve you if you use them to recall techniques, rather than to learn them.  I think the Drysdale Jiu Jitsu app does a great job of this.

Have you ever learned something in a class and then wish you would have taken better notes? With this app you can skip the note taking. World Jiu Jitsu Champion and MMA fighter Robert Drysdale provides several videos on jiu jitsu techniques. He explains the techniques well and how the techniques would work best.

It’s a great app for getting new perspectives on a move that you may already use or to help refresh your memory on a move that you may have forgotten. To make this app better I think the description boxes should be used, even if they are just used for a space to transcribe what is said in the video.

drysdale jiu jitsu

While downloading any of these apps definitely won’t make you a fighter, they can definitely sharpen your skills if you actually use them and put the techniques and exercises into practice. I can find positive aspects in each of the apps, but obviously some more positive than others. You be the judge! Happy Training!

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