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Dinner Spinner by 2014 Review

Dinner Spinner is a free app for Apple iPhones, iPods, Kindles, Androids, Blackberrys, and Windows Phones that takes the hassle out of finding healthy and delicious recipes for any health conscious user or calorie counting customer. It even injects a bit of fun into the process.

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Dinner Spinner provides over FORTY THOUSAND recipes all with the intent of being not only spectacularly delicious, but also nutritious and healthy.

Thankfully, Dinner Spinner allows users to narrow down the choices by ingredients, nutritional value, or even by preferred preparation time!

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Also included are vegetarian and vegan recipes! Want something new and exciting?

Try the random selection function and get a completely new recipe to try!

And once you’ve experienced that perfect blend of flavor and wellbeing, you can upload and share that recipe to all of your Facebook friends, email buddies, and twitter followers!

Dinner Spinner doesn’t stop there. All these recipes are going to need ingredients, right? This fitness app has you covered in the form of the Shopping List feature.

Simply decide on a recipe, head to your favorite healthy grocery store, and let Dinner Spinner be your guide.

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The Shopping List insures that you won’t forget a single ingredient whether it is the star of the dish or a simple garnish.

You can also scan extra items into your repertoire. This will allow you to further your database of ingredients for further recipe consideration.

The modern and easy to read format makes this app easy to read at a glance and pleasing to the eye. All menus are crisp with a logical flow of operation.

Tons of recipes, easy to use filters, interactive shopping lists, and an ever expanding database all for the low price of free make this app an easy choice.


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