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Endomondo 2014 Review

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Any fitness app guru will know that there are two different types of running apps; those who use GPS to track your exact location and log any movement, and those which use motion sensors in your phone.

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Now, most people prefer the motion sensor system as it gives a more accurate estimate of the amount of calories you have burnt, whilst the GPS method gives a slightly rougher estimate. The Endomondo Sports Tracker uses the GPS method, which is built into your phone.

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The Endomondo Sports Tracker uses GPS not only to tell you how far you’ve run, but also to tell you where you’re run. This is interesting for a run tracker as they don’t often tell you exactly where you took your feet.

While it is slightly less accurate in the all-important calorie department than motion sensor pedometers, the Endomondo Sports Tracker is very useful for training.

If you’re trying to lose weight,a motion sensor app may best fit your needs, but if you’re training for a marathon, download Endomondo to assist your progress. Marathon training with the Endomondo Sports Tracker is a breeze as it tells you exactly how far you’ve run.

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It doesn’t guess, it knows exactly. So, if you want to try a different route each day and don’t have the time to measure one, use this app. It’s easy and effective.

If you’re not gearing up for your next marathon, you can use the Endomondo Sports Tracker to train for 5K as well as 10K runs . 5k training couldn’t be easier with the Endomondo Tracker. You just pop your trainers on and head out onto the road. 10k training is a breeze, too.

Because Endomondo measures the distance you have run accurately, there’ll be no more cheating during your training! This app is FREE, so hop down to the app store today and start your running training.

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