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Endomondo Sports Tracker


There are two kinds of running/walking apps. There are those that use GPS to track your location and movement, and there are those that use motion sensors in your phone. It’s hard to say which system is better. They both have their pros and cons. It’s likely that any calorie measures you get from a GPS app are going to be very rough estimates at best, while motion trackers can get a better idea of velocity and thus are probably more accurate in the calorie department. Endomondo Sports Tracker uses the built-in GPS in your phone.

In exchange for slightly less accuracy, Endomondo uses map-based tracking, so that you can see where you’ve run, not just how far. It’s similar to Map My Fitness, which I reviewed in an earlier post, in most ways. Endomondo has a more streamlined and user-friendly social feature, but overall, Map My Fitness does a better job of presenting information in an accessible way, as Endomondo’s screens are often jumbled with too many words and stats. Both are FREE, so it won’t hurt to try each one to see which you prefer.




Check out their website here.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is also available on Blackberry and the Windows Phone.

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