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Favorite App Friday: PIT Fitness

PIT Fitness, which stands for Performance Interval Training, gives you the attention of Trent Bender, a certified personal trainer in California, so no matter where you live, you’ll have all the motivation you need  to get fit right on your iphone or android.

The app works like this: For only $2.99 you get 315 workouts personally designed by Trent along with videos of him demonstrating each exercise. That’s less than 1 penny per workout for those of you doing the math, and it provides you with 30 days of full body interval training workouts that last only 15 to 20 minutes, but will burn more calories than your usual hour long run.

PIT Day 1 View

It is the perfect compromise for people who want the attention of a real personal trainer, but don’t have to time or money to commit (or can’t pick up and move to California to personally work with Trent).

Take PIT Fitness with you while you travel for work and use it in your hotel room with no equipment at all, or bring it with you to the gym and incorporate kettlebells and dumbbells to pump up your current workout routine.

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The best part about PIT Fitness is that no workout is the same. The app constantly shocks your body and blasts your metabolism to get you leaner and stronger in only 30 days.

PIT Fitness is Trent’s way of keeping his own clients accountable when they’re traveling AND it gives him the ability to reach people who don’t live anywhere near California, but want his help in getting fit.

The app expands his real personal training business beyond its walls, but gives you the same 30 minute workout that you would be doing with him right by your side. Believe it or not, the workouts at his gym in California really only last 30 minutes!

No matter what activity level you are currently at, PIT Fitness should not intimidate you. The app quickly categorizes your level based on the number of pushups you can do to give you a workout that fits your needs and ability. And, of course over the 30 days, you’ll get stronger!

If you’re looking to get fit, but are jammed for time, this app is definitely worth the $2.99. It’s targeted toward the business traveler or person who can’t get to the gym but still wants to get fit with the little time that he/she has.

Choose Your Level

Don’t just take our word for the change that can happen in just 30 days with PIT Fitness. Their Facebook page features a full time law student and mother of two who lost 5 inches in 30 days, just by working out with PIT Fitness! She even commented that she feels stronger, more disciplined and happier!

As PIT Fitness told us, a lot of their users find that Lose it! works really well with PIT because they start realizing how much they are eating with the app. They also informed us that in the future, they plan on launching even more workouts specifically for beach vacation workouts, hotel workouts (using a desk and chair as tools), and even a kid’s workout app for children that want to get more active using their phone.

PIT fitness is simple and efficient. You open the app, and 30 minutes later your high intensity workout is complete. Whether you start at the beginner, intermediate or elite level, this app is designed to burn fat and improve your endurance. Commit to the 30 days, and change your body forever!

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