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Featured App Friday: Daily Workouts

To exercise with Daily Workouts, you only need to invest anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes of your day, and it can be done anywhere. Simply open the app and hit start to get a full body workout.

daily workout

Originally, Daily Workout Apps was separated into five separate apps (all of which are still available), and include Daily Ab Workout, Daily Arm Workout, Daily Cardio Workout, Daily Butt Workout and Daily Leg Workout. More recently, they were combined into one all inclusive, Daily Workouts app that is available for iPhone, Android, Nook App AND Windows phones.

daily workout

Daily Workouts features custom and random workouts, but you also have the option of purchasing Pilates, stretch, kettlebell and ball workouts right through the app. Any or all of these workouts are a great way to switch up your workout so that you stay motivated on a daily basis!

Separate from the Daily Workouts App is Simply Yoga, which contains either 20, 40 or 60 minute personal yoga routines, all demonstrated by a certified personal trainer. It is structured differently that Daily Workouts, and contains audio cutes throughout the whole routine.

We suggest using Daily Workouts along with Simply Yoga to get a full body workout using both strength and flexibility.

daily workout

Daily Workouts is tailored toward beginner/intermediate men and women who prefer to workout in the comfort of their own home, and who may have time constraints. It features videos of a personal trainer who demonstrates each exercise through video so you can follow along.

In recent years, Daily Workouts has worked hard to tailor the app to what users want, such as calorie tracking,  random and custom workouts. They plan to continue to do this in the coming year, and will be adding new workouts soon! (Possibly a Barre Workout!)

With millions of current users, it’s easy to see why Daily Workouts is so successful. The videos and the exercises are effective and simply for anyone to use, which is why we recommend that YOU try it too!

Because all of the Daily Workout Apps are available on any phone you may own, in about 35 languages each, you have no excuse NOT to try at least one of these apps! They are available in free versions, but we have a feeling you’ll be upgrading once you see just how easy they are to use and follow!

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