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Featured App Friday: Fooducate

Fooducate is one of the absolute best, free nutrition apps for iphone/android and the goal is to help people improve their health status by eating real food.

fooducate 3

In fact, the app was brought to life by the creator, who was simply trying to choose healthy food for 3 children.

How Fooducate works: Scan the barcode of a food item while shopping for groceries, and you will instantly see its nutrition grade (A,B,C,D). The app will then explain in brief bullet points why the product got its grade, and also offer healthier alternatives that you can try instead.

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The grade is determined by both the nutrient and ingredient information, and gives users an overall rating of the product!

As an added bonus, Fooducate lets you track your food and exercise, and gives you feedback on how well you are progressing. This helps users keep their nutrition AND fitness in check.

4 Steps To Start Using Fooducate Today:

1)Download and open the app (for free!)

2) Sign up, which is quick and easy

3) Personalize for your nutritional needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc)

4) Start scanning products!

fooducate 2

Fooducate is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health through better food. Whether you are beginner, intermediate, or advanced in your nutrition knowledge, this app can teach you something you didn’t know AND make grocery shopping fun.

It’s also convenient for users who travel often or work long hours because it takes the guess work and research out of choosing the healthiest products.

We dare you to try Fooducate for free today and use it next time you’re shopping for your favorite foods and snacks. This app’s capabilities will surprise you, and it will increase your knowledge about everyday food products!

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