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Featured App Friday: Lifesum

Lifesum is the leading health and fitness app in the Nordics and Northern Europe. The app, which launched in the UK last December, guides its users on a journey to improving their wellbeing through diet strategies, exercise and advice, as well as providing options and tools to help users maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve their own personal goals.

Based on height, weight and age, members receive a personalised plan to help them reach their weight and nutritional goals, and the tools for achieving and enjoying a healthy life.

Lifesum app

Lifesum offers detailed, yet user-friendly, health plans that allow for the personalised tracking of:

  • Nutritional and calorific intake: users are able to scan barcodes of a product in-store to reveal content; search and manually input information to match an item with over 5 million pre-loaded food types or meals, or customise their own meals for assessment
  • Exercise: whether dedicated time on the treadmill or during the walk to work, the impact of a user’s activity – intended or inadvertent – contributes to the overall assessment of their progress. Lifesum is connected to Health Graph that lets users import data from external tools including RunKeeper (exercise tracking). Moves(activity tracking) and Withings (weight and activity tracking)
  • Weight changes: target weight goals can be set, with realistic timeframes presented which define the app’s personalized guidance and advice, and an ongoing assessment of BMI (and the option to benchmark against more detailed markers of physical change beyond waist measurement)

Tove Westlund, Founder and Vice President of Product at Lifesum, says:

‘’I wanted to design a technology-driven tool that makes it easy and fun to take care of yourself even if you are not a fitness and diet fanatic. I grew frustrated by how difficult keeping track of what I ate became, particularly in the hectic modern day. Regardless of how busy your lifestyle is, I hoped the Lifesum app would motivate and empower people to take their health and fitness goals into their own hands.’’


Lifesum’s mission is to make the world healthier and happier. They believe that everyone should be given the chance to reach their health and fitness goals regardless of their lifestyle and income.

They have created a platform that is accessible to everyone yet a service that is personal and unique to each user. The aim of Lifesum is to help people attain and sustain a healthy lifestyle in both the short and long-term.


Lifesum has achieved over 6.5 million downloads to-date across iOS and Android platforms and the app has over 900,000 monthly active users.

This app is helpful for anyone who wants to take better care of themselves and improve their eating and exercise habits. Lifesum is also great for those who lead a busy life and would like access to a fitness and diet plan whilst on the go, at little cost.

User feedback of Lifesum indicates that active members are shedding an average of 13lbs (6 kilograms) in 3 months with the app and there have been several success stories where members have lost more than 100 lbs.

“We have had many users share their success stories with us, for instance, Rosa, 40, from Switzerland, decided to use Lifesum because she wanted to get back into shape after her two pregnancies.

She had tried a number of diets that didn’t work but found that tracking her food intake and exercise via Lifesum was very effective and a method that suit her busy lifestyle as a mom of two. She started with a weight of 82kg and now weighs 71kg, with her final goal being 60kg.”

Each week we feature our Member of the Week on the Lifesum blog in order to motivate users and show them that success is possible.

Lifesum has recently released a new feature called Diets, which allows users to choose from five of the most popular diets.

Lifesum’s Diets feature offers the following options:


  • Lifesum’s standard diet:  based on recommendations from international food and nutrition organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UK Food Standards Agency, users either adopt these balanced recommendations or make healthy choices of their own by changing the calorie goals and nutrition settings manually
  •  5:2 diet: also known as the intermittent fasting diet which sees dieters eat normally for five days and then consume only a quarter of the recommended daily calorie quota on two elected days
  • High protein diet: this diet focuses on increasing protein intake to build muscles and stay strong
  • Low carb, high fat (LCHF): offering a ‘light’ option in which users eat less carbohydrates and use an increased intake of fat as fuel, and a ‘strict’ option where users reduce carb intake, with highly increased fat and moderately high protein intake to control blood sugar. With both options helping to minimise starch and sugar intake
  • Isocaloric (33/33/33): divide fats, carbohydrates and proteins into equal amounts to avoid cravings

Lifesum aims to tailor its service to the individual; whether you are trying to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle or lose weight via a specific diet and exercise plan, Lifesum can help you reach your goals.

In the future, Lifesum will continue to develop the app to make it as easy as possible for our users to stay motivated over time and achieve their health and fitness goals.            

Advice from Lifesum: In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle you do not necessarily need to make drastic changes.

Try setting an achievable short-term goal and learn to improve on that goal as time goes on. You don’t have to change everything all at once in order to live a healthier and happier life.

Learn more about Lifesum at


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