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Featured App Friday: Nexercise

Nexercise is motivation in your pocket, and motivation is what most people lack when it comes to developing a healthier lifestyle. The app encourages you to do small things each day that will make you successful at losing weight and living a healthy life.

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As Nexercise told us in a recent interview, “We provide the bridge from starting to seeing the benefits/results in your body.

When you first start trying to lose weight or develop healthier habits, most feedback is negative (your muscles are sore, you feel tired, embarrassed etc). We make journey rewarding and fun immediately through rewards and notifications that motivate you while also giving you access to supportive community.”

Nexercise is simple. Work out, get rewarded.  Users can win free samples or discount every time they exercise, which can be used toward gift cards or donated to charity.

What we love about this app company is that they are highly educated, which may have helped them in creating an awesome fitness tool with 1.2 million downloads.

The developers of the app met at Wharton business school, where they came up with the concept for Nexercise, and combined it with the capability of smart phones to create the app we know today.

As a former high school athlete and air force pilot, one of the developers found that professional and family demands were getting in the way of his once rigid exercise schedule. He explained, “If I’m having this problem, other people must be experiencing it too.”

He explained, “The pounds add on over years and all of the sudden you think, ‘how did I get here, and how do I get back on track?’”

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For this reason, Nexercise appeals to busy, professional adults, and because it is similar to a game, it makes developing your healthy habits fun. As they told us, “The app provides positive reinforcement before you see the results in your own body.”

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Nexercise stands apart from other similar apps because it was created with a strong focus in behavioral psychology.

While the app is most known for its reward system, these are simply a byproduct of your progress.

And it works. The Nexercise blog tells the stories of users who’ve lost significant amount of weight with the help of the app, such as Emily, who lost 23 pounds, and Beth, who lost 70 pounds!

Even better, Nexercise can be connected with Runkeeper so that your running records are automatically synced to the app.

In the future, they plan to integrate with other app companies to make it even easier for users to track their activity and receive rewards.

Nexercise created a tool to help people get over the hump of being sedentary. This app can help you stay motivated and on track toward your fitness goals with the added benefit of physical rewards!

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