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Featured App Friday: ShopWell

ShopWell is a personalized nutrition app that helps users figure out what foods are healthy for them based on their nutritional goals. While most nutrition apps give you information based on an average score, ShopWell allows you to enter your personal goal to give you your personalized score, and then when you scan products in the supermarket, each one will be either red, yellow or green. This makes for an easy way to choose the best products for you while shopping.

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As they explained to us, “A user who is allergic to peanuts and training for a marathon will have very different product selections than someone with osteoporosis who is allergic to lactose.”

One of the reasons we love this app is because it doesn’t follow fat diets. Instead, it is based on the USDA nutrition guidelines for a healthy diet. ShopWell works with a registered dietitian, who knows the ins and outs of food labeling and who stays up to date on current research on nutrition.

This gives you the most up to date information about each product, and allows you to make the healthiest options for your goals.

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With 1.3 million users, there are many reasons this app can be helpful in your day to day life. Whether you are a baby boomer who is worried about heart disease, a parent who has to worry about food allergies in the house, or you are a millennial who is starting to understand the basics of healthy eating, this app has features that you can benefit from.

ShopWell strives to “foster a dialogue between food brands and users.” In fact, brands can send questions to users through the app and users can answer these feedback questions for a $2 Amazon gift card!

Users who frequently scan foods at the supermarket have said that ShopWell has changed the way that they look at food, and others have said that it helped them learn how to manage their disease states, such as Celiac Disease because it helps them cultivate a healthy diet.

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Another awesome feature of ShopWell is that in addition to your personalized score and the option to scan products, you can view healthier alternatives to certain products in store, and if they don’t happen to sell it, and you can also look at stores in vicinity or online!

ShopWell focuses solely on foods in the supermarket, so we suggest using it with Calorie Count and Restaurant Nutrition to balance out situations in which portion sizes or other ingredients are of concern.

This app plans to continue to make grocery shopping convinent for users. “We’re working with wearable technologies like Google and Samsung to integrate ShopWell into smart watches, so people can just look at product and brush with watch to get a score. We want to remove the barrier of technology.”

ShopWell can assist you no matter your age, or personal goals because it’s based on research and evidence! Download it on iTunes or Google Play for FREE to see what the hype is all about!



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