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Fitocracy 2014 Review

It was bound to happen – winter eventually faded away, and with it went all the bulky, fat hiding jackets and sweaters.  Maybe you’ve already faced the annual spring ritual and went eyeball to eyeball with a dressing room mirror while bravely clutching a bathing suit.  If your ‘This is the year I’ll lose weight!’ resolution is a hazy memory buried under a few months of brownies and ice cream; or you’ve abandoned the idea of joining a gym, it may be time to consider other options for losing that extra 15 pounds you’ve picked up.

Fitocracy can help get you back on track. This fitness log  tracks your workout activities and motivates you to continue working out.


Fitocracy is different from other fitness apps available.  It harnesses the addictive qualities of gaming and applies that same technique to working out.

The idea of gamifying fitness is genius.  As you exercise, the workout tracker keeps track of your points, allowing you to level up, complete bonus quests and earn badges by reaching your milestones.

Within the Fitocracy community, you can make friends, join a fitness social network and encourage others on the same skill level as yourself.  By placing you on a level that is indicative of your fitness skills, and grouping you with others at the same level, you create a community of people who are working towards common goals.

Track and log your progress with over 900 exercises for cardio, weight training, weight loss and body building.  Once you have an exercise routine that you enjoy, save it for use later in the gym.

Group your exercises, or change the order of them easily within the app.  If you prefer, find one of Fitocracy’s free workouts and work your way to the next level.


Get motivated by the ‘Fitocrats’ in the Fitocracy community.  You can send messages to other members in your community giving them encouragement, exchange workout ideas or set up a ‘fitness challenge’ to give extra oomph to your workout.

For even more motivation, become a Fitocracy Hero (additional charges apply) and have access to exclusive Hero features.  Weekly reports about your workouts are delivered to your inbox every week detailing how many points you earned, how much weight you lifted, how many miles you travelled and more.

Send private messages to other Fitocracy members – cheering them on in their fitness quest, asking them about their routine or just say ‘Hi!”

Being a Hero lets you challenge another Fitocrat to a duel based on fitness.  Who has the most points? Who travelled the farthest this week? Choose your criteria and ‘en guard!

Perhaps the best benefit of Fitocracy’s gaming fitness is your super cool title that you can choose for yourself – and that will show up every time you log in.

Fitocracy: bringing fitness to a whole new level.



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