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Five Ways To Get Out Of Your Workout Rut!

It happens to the best of us. You get yourself to the gym, but after some time you end up doing the same exercises day after day, until you’re barely sweating, and completely bored with your workout. While you should still be proud that you’re taking the time to fit exercise into your busy schedule, you should also still be getting the results for your efforts. It’s time to say goodbye to gym boredom, because Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis is sharing her 5 easy ways to get out of your current workout rut.

1.  Variation: Having a variety of different training styles will help keep your body from plateauing and keep you from you getting bored. It’s not beneficial to do the same thing every day or every time you workout. In order for you to see the best results you should plan on having a very diverse training program. Nike+ Training Club app is a great option for this because it contains over 90 different training programs and over 200 drills that you can choose from. In addition, there are 30 day training programs to help you really get after your goal.

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 2. Set a goal: Setting attainable goals is key helping you stay on track and to getting excited about training again. Set a long-term goal, for about 3 months from now, and a couple smaller ones to keep you motivated along your journey. Goal setting is a huge part of developing an efficient and productive road map to get you where you want to go. Goals help you stay focused, motivated, determined, and excited about your training. These are all qualities you need to have in order to see results and keep you training hard.


3. Ask a friend to join: Group training is becoming a huge trend in the fitness industry because people are starting to understand that training with someone who has similar goals will help them committed. Studies have shown that people who train together are more likely to stick to the training program until their goal is reached. So your task is to ask around, find a friend that wants to get in shape, and have some fun while training hard. Sign up for a race together or any event that requires training!


4. Sign up for classes: Join group fitness classes like Nike Training Club, Soul cycle, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, or something that is fun and outside your comfort zone. This will challenge your body and mind. If you find a workout that you enjoy, it will change your outlook from something you have to do to something you look forward to doing. When you work outside of your comfort zone you get results and when you see results you’ll stay motivated because you’re able to see all of your hard work pay off.


5. Take a picture: We wake up and see ourselves every single day and we are our own worst critics, so take a picture of yourself from 4 different angles before you start your training program, then after 6 weeks take another picture in the same outfit and angles. FitSnap is a great app that helps you do this, and its free for iPhone users. Being able to see a physical difference is incredibly rewarding. It will also keep you motivated knowing that if you don’t train hard, you wont see results in that second picture. I know this one in particular works for me, because I don’t believe in scales.


Bottom line: Pick a workout that is outside of your comfort zone, but that you have always secretly wanted to try, and set specific goals for the short and long term. You’ll look forward to working out AND you’ll see better results in your before and after photos!

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