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Fooducate 2014 Review

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Fooducate is a one-stop shop for diet and fitness.

Sugar, trans fats, food colorings, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, additives…the list goes on and on. It’s the stuff weight gain is made of and the stuff you need to avoid on the long and winding road to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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Breaking down ingredient lists and nutritional value can be confusing and overwhelming. However, Fooducate (available for Iphone and Android OS Version 2.2 or higher), takes the guesswork out of nutrition labels and shows you which foods are healthy, as well as which foods to avoid entirely.

Numerous studies have shown that having a partner on your fitness and nutrition journey will increase your chances of success. Fooducate serves as that partner.

Cereal anyone?

This nutrition app will be your companion and keep you honest, tracking everything from the calories you take in to the calories you’re burning during exercise.

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Additionally, it “fooducates” you on the harmful byproducts found in many foods on the supermarket shelves today. For example, breakfast cereal is eaten in 90 percent of American households, but it’s chock full of sweeteners, coloring agents and preservatives. Yuck!

Fooducate will alert you to these potentially-harmful chemicals and preservatives after a simple scan of the bar code. Additionally, the diet and nutrition app offers all foods a grade of A, B, C or D, based on how processed the food is, and what and how many nutrients it contains.

If your favorite lunch time snack ranks a C, rest assured because Fooducate will immediately display a list of healthier options that are similar in taste and texture, but hold more nutrients and require less processing. This app will also display a detailed product analysis and breakdown of all foods.

Let’s get personal

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Just as health and fitness are somewhat unique to each individual, Fooducate can be personalized by inputting your data such as age, weight, activity level, health conditions, etc. The app will also permit you to set fitness and health goals, and track your daily progress.

With so many diet and fitness apps available, Fooducate is highly popular with smartphone users, much for the convenience and simplicity it offers. Simply input the food you eat throughout the day, and the app will count your calories and alert you to where you’re at on your daily food budget. It also boasts one of the largest product databases, and was created by scientists and dietitians.

This app is universal to anyone looking to lose weight and live healthy. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, this app is worth a try!

They can’t all be wrong

Earning five years amongst many of its users, Fooducate has been featured many times in national publications, including Oprah magazine, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, USAToday, as well as receiving 1st prize in the US Surgeon General Healthy App Challenge.  Simply put, this app has an impressive resume to back up its credentials.

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