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Fooducate does more than just keep track of what you eat. Using the barcode scanner or food search tool, locate the food item you want information on. Once you’ve found your food, you’ll see information on calories per serving, some nutritional pros and cons, and an overall grade. Tapping will expand the window to include the entire nutrition facts label and more detail about what’s inside the food. For example, if you search for General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch you’ll see that butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), an additive used to keep the cereal fresh, also may be carcinogenic. It’s also, low in fiber, high in sugar, and highly processed. Below you find details about what these ingredients are used for and how they may affect your body. This cereal’s overall grade: between a C and a C-

Keeping You Motivated

When you first open Fooducate, it’ll ask you for a bunch of information, like age, weight, activity level, that it uses to gives you daily nutritional goals. When you scan food items, you can see how they will contribute to your daily targets. You can also personalize how annoying Fooducate will be: you can tell the app to motivate you to reach you goals every time you eat, once a day, once a week or never. You can also have Fooducate send you a reminder to scan your foods whenever it sense that you are in your local grocery store.

Alternative Search

If what you learn about the food you’re about to eat leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth (no pun intended), a press of the “alternatives” button will give you a list of food items from the same category that are healthier choices. My top alternative to Cinnamon Toast Crunch is Trader Joe’s O’s, which has a grade of A-, is low in sugar, and is a naturally good source of iron and vitamin A!

The Summary

Overall, this is a very streamlined and intuitive app. It’s simply better than more basin nutrition apps that may tell you what’s in the food you’re going to eat, but don’t tell you why you should or shouldn’t eat them. Download now from Google Play. Price: FREE



Check out their site here.

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