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Going Gluten Free with Apps

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard news surrounding the Gluten Free Diet hype. While many use this diet for weight loss, (essentially because you’re cutting out a large percentage of carbs in your diet), those with Celiac Disease use a gluten free diet as a form of treatment .

For people who suffer from CD, the body makes inflammatory toxins that destroy these villi of the small intestine rendering them useless. As a result the intestine does not absorb nutrients properly. Affected people can have clinical signs that range from nothing to mild abdominal discomfort to debilitating pain.

But when you think about the “gluten free” what do you think of? Bread, cereal, pasta, rice, cakes, cookies, crackers, snack foods, etc. Many of the foods on the shelves of the stores are processed foods. Think about it, the periphery of the grocery store contains only about 20% of the store’s products. And the general rule of thumb for people who eat healthfully is “shop the periphery of the grocery store.”  So it’s no wonder that when obese people started eating “Gluten free” they lost weight. It’s an effect of a change to more healthful eating. There isn’t anything magic about it for the nonCD person except that you are now eating more natural foods and most likely, less carbohydrates.

Whether you have CD, or are simply interested in going Gluten free, being on a Gluten-free diet can be challenging in terms of grocery shopping and eating out.  Here are two apps that will help you!

  • Find Me Gluten Free is a free app, available for iPhone and Android, that has recipes, as well as local restaurants with reviews of the gluten free menus, popular chains, and lists various gluten free grocery store products that you may have never even heard of.  Although we love that it’s free, compared to the others it’s a little limited in available information. They, do, however, also have a blog that is very helpful in learning about CD.

    find me gluten free

  • Is that Gluten Free? App is $7.99 on iTunes. There are over 23000 products from over 500 companies listed.You can makes notes/evaluations about products listed and add products you like that aren’t listed.  This seems to be the most comprehensive app for Gluten- free grocery shopping, which may justify spending $7.99.

    is that gluten free?

Of course, these are just our recommendations. There are other apps that can help you maintain a Gluten-free lifestyle, so we encourage you to find your own favorites too!

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