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Lose It!


The Lose It! app delivers a wide range of features aimed at helping you reach your weight loss goals, using a mostly nutritionally-based approach. The developers have also included some goal-setting and measuring features geared more towards overall wellness, such as quality of sleep and circumference measurement tracking. You can also input exercise data to obtain calories-burned estimates. There is a wealth of choices for type of food eaten and type of exercise, and estimates are generally fairly accurate, but users are not able to edit those calorie counts when more accurate ones are available, which is a bit annoying. The online syncing features work really well, and the website is pretty streamlined and unconfusing. One of the coolest things about Lose It! Is its ability to scan the barcodes of packages and automatically load nutrition information into your log. Overall, this is a really useful app for helping users keep track of calories in and out, and it’s one of the best of its kind in the FREE category.




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