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Nike+ Running

Nike+ Running tracks your running activity using a GPS, which can be very useful for the outdoor runner. You can, however, choose the indoor option as well. Nike+ contains features focusing on motivation such as music and cheering, which can be helpful to users, and it even gives you the option to add friends for encouragement. You also have the option of pausing your run when receiving a phone call. All you have to do to get started is enter some basic information, click begin run, and the Nike+ counts down for you to get started. There are options to use Nike+ Running by either holding it in your hand, or attaching it to your arm. From experience, the armband might be the better option to avoid having to grip your phone while you’re sweating (hopefully).

At the end of your run, you will be shown information including time, miles completed, number of runs completed, calories burned, and average pace. There are also graphs to track progress for multiple runs. All or any of these can be useful depending on your goal. Nike+ is great for running, but that’s really the extent of it. It doesn’t register walking or any other physical activity, but can definitely be useful for outdoor runners or beginners to track progress.





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