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P90X 2014 Review

If you’re serious about working out at home, download the P90x app immediately.  This app, an spin-off of the highly acclaimed and successful P90x DVD series, is hardcore about getting you into shape in 90 days.   Through nutrition instruction and exercise plans, the P90x program takes home fitness to a whole new level.


Taking your exercise routine with you has never been easier.  With the purchase of the P90x app ($2.99 for iPhone and Android) you can keep track of your exercises and reps, monitor your weight, track your progress, and log nutrition.

Once you’ve selected your program, you can set your calendar to automatically fill with the necessary workout.  Add in your own additional workouts like swimming, running and more.The P90x app features exclusive App-designed videos, demonstrations of every move and direction from Tony Horton, the P90x trainer.


After you’ve purchased the app, there are several free workouts, including the Ab Ripperx and the P90x Fit test.

You can download a complete workout bundle for $60, or choose a bundle for $30.  Want to focus on a particular area? Download the individual workout routine for $7. Workouts are available in:

Chest and Back, Plyometrics, Shoulders and Arms, Kenpo X, Yoga, Legs and Back, X Stretch, Back and Biceps, Core Synergistics, Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps, Cardio X

There is a feature to track nutritional intake, although it seems a bit clumsy to use.

It doesn’t tie directly in to your P90x DVDs, but it does track the caloric intake, and offers support for the Nutrition Plan.  Within the nutrition journal, you can see daily recommended amounts and keep an eye on your bodyweight.


Create a profile, upload a picture and input your starting measurements – then surprise yourself at the end of your 90 days by comparing your starting point.  Celebrate your successes (no matter how seemingly small) and continue to work out with your P90x.

Customized progress reports every thirty days lets you see your progress and pushes you to succeed even more.  As you continue to work out, you’ll collect achievement badges for reaching a fitness goal, completing a workout or working out on the weekend.

Share your results with friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

If you are a member of Team BeachBody, your P90x workouts will sync automatically with your Team BeachBody account.  The P90x app is a great way to stay on top of your workout – no matter where you are.  With the guided workouts available, keeping up with your workout schedule is no problem.

In the world of fitness apps, P90x is in a class by itself.  The fitness content in this app is where the strength of the app lies.

The workouts are second to none, and they deliver powerful weight loss and strength training techniques.  With realistic videos, encouragement from other users and an easy to follow progression for new users, the P90x app is a definite winner among fitness apps.

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