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Certified Fitness Instructor (American Council on Exercise) and owner of Remix Workouts, France Marien started her career in fitness over 25 years ago, first as a performer touring K-12 schools, then as a fitness instructor in the Seattle area. France worked for Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies as copy-editor and voice-over talent before starting her own fitness business.

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“As a lifelong exerciser, I often wished for a fitness DVD that would present a different workout each time it is used. In 1996, I created a prototype of my idea using a yogurt container and colored papers because technology was not quite ready at the time to implement my concept.

In 2010, I was presenting a booklet of exercises to my students. My goal was for my clients to have the tools to perform short and varied workouts so they would maintain their fitness level. During my presentation, one of my students said, “Is it an app?”

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After a lot of thought, I decided to create Remix Workouts in order to help more people get fit at home or on the road, from the busy parents to the business travelers-using barely any equipment in a small space. I wanted it to be affordable and eliminate as many excuses as possible for not working out.”

The Remix Workouts app offers short and intense circuits. The app works like an always-changing exercise DVD with real-time video and audio instructions – you truly follow the instructor throughout the workout.

Users may customize their workout, and the exercises are categorized by muscle groups, insuring a complete workout each time. Users can hear and see which moves are coming up next and how much time is remaining in each circuit. They also get inspiring quotes to stay motivated.

The Remix Workouts Body Weight Circuits app offers over 25,200 different workouts, so exercisers never do the same workout twice unless they choose to.

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The variety and intensity make Remix Workouts unique and effective. There is no need for a gym or a lot of equipment; a mat and a small space is all you need. Users also get to unlock new moves as they progress, keeping the app interesting and their fitness level improving.

They perform a combination of aerobic and strength-training exercises in a circuit format, which will help improve their cardiovascular system, build muscle, and burn calories.

Exercisers see and hear reminders and modifications to assist the beginner/intermediate users and challenge the advanced ones. In addition, a warm-up and a cool down are included. Remix Workouts will challenge people’s fitness with ever changing workouts.


The app is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch on iTunes, Android on Google Play and Amazon for $1.99.

The PC and Mac programs on Amazon cost $18.99 (available in the U.S. only).

How it works:

1- Open Remix Workouts.

2- Choose Workout Selection.

3- In the Today’s Workout screen, preview the workout. Change the intervals or the exercises if you want to.

4- A short warm-up and cool down are included for your convenience.

5- Begin the workout.

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For your convenience:

*The “Coming Up” feature announces the next move during your transition.

*A gentle sound lets you know you have 5 seconds left of work.

*A chime marks the intervals.

*At the bottom of the screen are the Pause/Play button and the Skip button.

*The progression bar shows how much time is left.

“Now, when my clients are on the road or have a sick child at home, they use my apps. I have another app on the market: Hand Weight Circuits and am currently developing the next app: Challenging Circuits, so be on the lookout for that in the near future!”

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