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Runtastic Pedometer PRO


Runtastic Pedometer Pro turns your smartphone into—you guessed it—a pedometer. It counts your every step, with the goal the “everyone should walk 10,000 steps per day.” Like other apps that focus on one specific aspect of fitness, rather than trying to synthesize your entire life into a fitness plan, Runtastic Pedometer Pro attacks the simple task of walking/running, an does it well. The whole operation is streamlined, the screens are easy to read and attractive, and app navigation is user-friendly. You can access a record of past walks/runs, and get a rough estimate of calories burned by inputting height and weight. The app is basic. It records, steps, speed, time, and distance, and present your results in a useful way, so that you can understand where you’ve been, and set goals for where you’d like to go. At $1.99 for the iPhone version and .99 for the Android verision the Runtastic Pedometer Pro app falls into the low-level price-range. You can also check out the Runtastic Running and Fitness app, which is more basic and FREE.





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