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UP by Jawbone


UP by Jawbone is far from free, although you may download the app itself at no cost. The software, however, is only useful when linked to an accompanying wristband (MSRP $129.99). The wristband uses an accelerometer to record activity and monitor sleep quality. The physical design of the band is superb, as is the quality of the data it collects. Unfortunately, the wristband is probably the best part of the whole experience. I couldn’t have predicted that you actually need to physically connect, with a cable, the wristband to your phone, in order to update tracking information.

In my opinion, a basic pre-requisite for the app and wristband duo, at a price point of $129.99, is wireless connectivity. Real-time progress is a must have for apps that are constantly recording your activities, and UP fails here big time. The design and user-experience of the app itself is not optimal. You may get lost in a sea of options. For a free app, I would say give it a try, maybe you’ll see some value that I haven’t, but for me to recommend an app/hardware combination with a cost above $50.00, the whole experience would have to be streamlined, seamless, and efficient. UP simply doesn’t hit any of these criteria the way I had hoped.




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