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Weight Watchers Mobile

The Weight Watchers mobile App offers some free features, but in order to track your points and enter your food intake, you have to update to the paid version. The free version, however, does offer some unique recipes such as grilled cremini mushrooms with Dijon dipping sauce and Cuban flank steak with fresh herb sauce. I am not sure how often they update these recipes, but there are 6 available at a time and they include their point values as well. Each recipe gives you ingredients and step-by step directions to follow.

Another free tool that the Weight Watchers app offers are pizza and cocktails “cheat sheets”. This gives you the option of picking various pizza toppings to see their point values in addition to viewing point values for common cocktails. For example,  a screwdriver is 3 points, a gin and tonic is 5, and a margarita is 9. This could be helpful while you’re out and can’t decide the best drink or pizza option, but again the free version of this app is very limited.







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