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Zombies, Run!


There’s nothing like a mission to keep you motivated, and Zombies, Run has got 23 of them. If a simple playlist isn’t enough to keep you entertained during a run, you might consider upgrading to Zombies, Run, the running app/game that pits you against a town of zombies who would like to feast on your brain. The app will integrate your device’s music, but will also warn you to speed up when zombies are getting close. If you fail to heed those warnings, you risk being caught. Pick up water and medical kits along the way, and complete a mission by successfully evading capture.

Sync with ZombieLink

You’ll have the option of creating an online ZombieLink account, where you can view your Zombies, Run missions completed, items obtained, and run statistics like distances, average speeds, and durations. In the very near future, you’ll also find an integrated “maps” feature that will allow you to view your route. At $3.99, Zombies, Run is a bit pricey, but if it can give the extra motivation you need to run a little faster, a little longer, the investment will pay off in no time. Available on Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices.



You can also download it for the Windows Phone.

Check out their website here.





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