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Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out! Get Fit With PEAR App

Springtime is here! Everywhere you turn you can see people “springing their fitness routines into action. Jogging, cycling and power walking are just a few of the ways people are amping up their heart rate and cardiovascular routines in addition to flexing their biceps, triceps and working their glutes and quads with interval training sessions.

Parks, gyms and neighborhoods are flooded with an array of people of all shapes and sizes dressed in everything from spandex and tank tops to well-worn college t-shirts and shorts. They’re also sporting and listening to the latest fitness app accessory items on their arms, ears and legs.

PEAR and VIZIO Equals One “Smart” Move in Better Fitness

One of the most popular fitness trainer apps is PEAR (Android or iPhone). With a recent $5 million second round of funding through a variety of investors including Innovative Partners, Nordic Adventures, “private and family office investors” Smart TV manufacturer VIZIO, PEAR, headquartered in Irvine, California, is using the funding to fuel the marketing of this revolutionary ground-breaking fitness app and white label platform.

The concept is to promote PEAR as a “Powered by Fuel” version of the technology of other competitors in the market such as athletic brands, weight loss companies and fitness training organizations.


Personalized Workout Routines Put Heart Rates through the Paces

The PEAR fitness app has far more comprehensive capabilities than the average fitness app on the market today.  It acts like a human personal trainer/coach, offering customized workout routines based on an individual’s fitness level.  The app detects your heart rate by using a heart monitor wrist band manufactured by PEAR, with audio coaching delivered through PEAR’S special headphones.


Not Your Average Health Tracker

While health trackers are everywhere, PEAR is the first company to create an interactive, one on one personalized coaching and training.  VIZIO sees potential in incorporating the app to coordinate with Smart TVs, which would enable users to have interactive, coached living room workout sessions.

Most importantly, this unique comprehensive approach to personalized fitness training allows more people to achieve their fitness goals. People are more likely to exercise when they have a coach or trainer encouraging them, however don’t often have the time or budget.  The PEAR creates a convenient, economical way for people to create and maintain a healthier lifestyle, which is the overall goal.

Interactive TV Potential Allows PEAR to  Outpace its Competitors


It won’t be long before fellow fitness app manufacturers jump on the bandwagon, and some already have.  In February, the well-known and popular MyFitnessPal app acquired the personalized coaching app sessions app.

However, when combining the benefits of the mobility that the PEAR app offers with the potential of using it with the VIZIO’S Smart TV helps PEAR corner the market in fitness apps, with the company recently reporting its one hundredth thousand completed workouts to date. A number that will surely get hearts pumping this spring and summer!

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