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The Fitness App Experiment – Goal Setting

With my schedule being so crazy working at Training for Warriors, I’ve decided to do the unthinkable, something I never thought I would ever do…….I canceled my gym membership. Hypocrite! Fake! I know I know, but it’s not what you think.

You see, I’ve decided to try an experiment and finally put the great “fitness app debate” to rest. I want to see if you can just use fitness apps to get into great shape. I really believe that while most people see fitness apps as a tool, they can actually be all that you need if have the right plan.

So I start this journey like I would any other endeavor, by setting goals.

goal-settingWhether it is a business goal, personal goal, or exercise goal it all starts by breaking it down into smaller milestones and addressing what has been holding you back.

Goals Should Be M.A.T. 

Measureable: You need to be able to quantify your results in some way. The app, Lift, does a great job of giving you steps and milestones to manage your progress.

Achievable: Be realistic with your expectations. You cannot go from a “3” to a “10” the same way you cannot go from a Pee Wee football player to a Pro.

Time Limit: If you do not set a deadline then how will you know if what you’re doing is working?

Acknowledge The Hurdles

HurdlesTravel – Seeing as how I’m constantly on the road, I find it really hard to find places to get fit and I’m often faced with whatever I can do in a hotel. I’ve never been a runner but would like to try to incorporate more of this, actually, doing this first thing in the morning would be my number one goal. It’s something I can do wherever I am and gives me a good opportunity to explore the surroundings of wherever I am staying while I travel.

Nutrition – I’ve never really “counted calories” but have always been fascinated by the people who are consistent and organized enough to do so. I rarely, if ever, cook which means I do not know how much food is going into that hole under my nose, which ultimately means I have no idea of the calories I’m consuming.

Time – I am very schedule oriented, as long as I can plan something and set time aside, it will usually happen. The first productivity app I’m going to use is called CARROT which allows you to create a To-Do list then holds you accountable for keeping up with the tasks at hand.

Make Your Goal Public

Not only is this great at holding you accountable but this can also help you weed out who are the good people in your life (those who want you to succeed and support you) and those who are looking to bring you down. A lot of these apps have the ability to share to social media which is great for not only showing off your progress and celebrating your small accomplishments but also for inspiring others!

Here are my starting stats for this experiment in addition to some initial goals:

Starting Weight: 192 Lbs

Starting BodyFat: 18%

Track all of my calories for at least 6 out of the 7 days

Log at least 20 miles worth of running in my first month

Log 4 workouts a week

Share my progress along the way

I’ll be updating my entries here 2-3 x’s a week recapping the days adventures, tips, findings, and suggestions.

Looking forward to sharing my progress with the world!

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