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The Fitness App Experiment – To Do

Wow, what an amazing start to this experiment! One of the hardest things I have trouble with is setting time aside to workout i.e. 1 hour a day between 6am-7am. Sometimes my life is sparatoc, not as organized as I’d like, and sometimes I just want to drop down and start cranking out pushups.

So I know the first thing I needed to do was to get more organized with my to-do list.

Enter the app CARROT

The app is helpful and offers hilarious encouragement by rewarding you with points redeemable for Kittens and other ridiculous fake gifts. Plus, if you don’t use it, the app will be sure to remind you.

Set your to-do list


Once you start checking off tasks you get points rewarded to you


Once you get enough points you get some awesome rewards


And then you name your rewards (I chose Alan Thicke)


I know I know, this is not “technically” a fitness app but the first thing you should do when trying to reach a goal is find your weakness and improve it. Mine is my schedule!

Check out CARROT for iPhone here

So as I mentioned before, sometimes I just want to crank out pushups in-between calls or meetings.

A friend recommended the fitness app 7 Minute Workout (Free Version) and it was just what I needed to get a little sweat going during my day.

This app really takes all of the excuses away since you can do every exercise in your home, it’s only 7 minutes long, and all you need is a charged battery on your iPhone.

For 7 minutes you will be going through 30 seconds of an exercise with 10 seconds of rest. The workouts on the free version are beginner/intermediate at most but can easily be progressed by adding additional weight i.e. weighted vest, dumbbell, or random object around the house.

Just clear off some space in your living room and press START


This is the most intricate piece of equipment you’ll need


10 second breaks come in-between each exercise


7 Minutes later…


Check out 7 Minute Workout here.

These two apps are super easy to start incorporating into your daily routine. Again, it takes EVERY excuse off of the table and offers some great encouragement along the way.

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