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Favorite App Friday: FitFriend

For those who may not know, “splits” in running refer to when you divide your run into smaller sections. By doing this, you can compare your time and speed to see if you are running faster, slower, or the same pace. Tracking your splits helps you monitor your pace, which can be helpful for training, or just to keep your run interesting!

Before FitFriend, there were no fitness apps that helped runners track their splits. In fact, when we caught up with FitFriend, they told us that before making their app, they were using RunKeeper, which they call a “great app”. By using Runkeeper, they noticed that they would have appreciated the ability to track splits during their run.


FitFriend can be used for running, cycling and Crossfit, making it a unique fitness app, but the simplicity also makes it easy to use. As they told us themselves, “It’s designed to look and feel like a sportswatch, so anyone who comes from a solid background of training with their watch will instinctively know what to do with it.”

While some running and cycling apps may be confusing to get used to, FitFriend takes away all irrelevant information to give its users only the information they need to track their splits. “Every action is one click and one view away. It was carefully designed so that users will not get lose in the app.

So what should YOU take away from this article before you download FitFriend for free?

1)    The simplicity in it’s look and feel

2)    The split functionality

3)    The syncing of data to your existing training log

As a new app, FitFriend has a unique view on the fitness app industry. “Even though it’s saturated, we view mobile apps as being similar to the music industry in the 60’s. Rock had been around for 5-10 years and people thought it was done. It was flooded, and the perception was that you only needed the established players. There is always room for more because the established players get tired and conventional.”

Still not sure if FitFriend is for you? Take into account that it was made for two types of people; people who come from a running background and are still using a stopwatch for their running training, and people who are new to regular training, have never used a watch before, and want to take the next step in their training.

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But if you’re still not willing to give up your standard running apps, FitFriend still has you covered. As they told us, “RunKeeper is an awesome training log that is good for keeping you motivated and its good for social integration and DailyMile has a great running community on it, along with in depth stats. We’ve already integrated RunKeeper, and DailyMile is coming in version 1.2!”

In addition to integrating with other fitness apps, FitFriend has big plans for the future. In the short term, they plan to enhance GPX export and the functioning of Splits. “FitFriend is already the best way to do splits, but we want to make it even better.”

In the intermediate future, maps is the other big focus point. They want to add route creation and directions by voice command to prevent users from getting lost.

In the long term, FitFriend is looking forward to adding features “that are far bigger than just a mobile app,” but as of right now, they are focused on being the best app for split tracking and on becoming available for Android users. We’re excited to keep up to date with everything they have planned for the future!

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