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Favorite App Friday – Gain Fitness

screen568x568-1Gain Fitness is your very own digital personal trainer that provides users with personalized workouts that are science based. It started as a web app, and is perfect for a quick, efficient workout, anytime or anywhere.We spoke with a representative of Gain Fitness, and they say it is their goal to, “Promote a healthier lifestyle, and make it accessible to everybody.” They really strive to make working out easy and convenient for everyone to do, and to prove it, they walked me through how to use the app to customize it toward specific goals. You have the option of selecting a session type, such as a specific muscle group, or if you are at the gym, the app assumes that you have equipment available.

Gain Fitness uses your personal data with their content in a meaningful way. The workouts are based on your personal goals, and they will never get boring, because the they change to enhance muscle confusion. This way, you keep progressing and your body won’t have time to get used to the workouts.

Also brand new from Gain Fitness is iREHAB , an app that targets neck and back pain. screen568x568This app focuses on postural strength and alignment and was designed by Physical Therapists and Rehab Experts.

In the near future, prepare yourself for a Pilates and Prenatal App that will help expecting mothers stay in shape with Pilates.

In the even longer term, Gain Fitness will also be revealing an app that Trainers can use to manage their clients. This will allow them to “coach digitally so they can continue to keep clients on track while they are away. This holds clients accountable for their progress and gives trainers better insight.” It also provides clients with workout security, so that they don’t have to worry about cancellations!

We at are fans not only of the Gain Fitness app (and apps to come) but also of their outlook on fitness and innovative take on using apps for health.

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