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Featured App Friday: Yummly

Yummly is an expert food app that guides users through every step of discovering recipes, from inspiration to preparation! Whether you are a busy parent trying to feed your family, or simply looking for new dishes to get out of your recipe rut, this app has everything you need to make a delicious meal or snack! Each recipe shows how many ingredients you need, the nutrition facts per serving AND directions to prepare the dish!


The technology that powers the Yummly app and website is the equivalent of Pandora for music, or Netflix for movies, but for food!

This unique iphone app allows users to not only find recipe inspiration, similar to Pinterest, but it brings this idea to the next level by matching your recommended recipes to your personal preferences.

Once you download Yummly to your iphone of ipad, all you have to do is register to see a page of trending/popular recipes.

Users can then indicate specific dietary preferences and taste by clicking “yum” button, which allows the app to suggest personalized recipes based on behavior.

Yummly uses the “if you like this, you may like this” concept to provide you with recipe ideas that fit your search history.

The search functionality allows you to filter by courses or diet, and the app can even take recipe content and  structure to analyze it, which algorithmically determines specific flavor profiles, nutrition quality, and cuisine you prefer!


It is a complicated process, made easy on the app to better help you discover new tastes, flavors, and dishes.

On the iphone app, you can also create a shopping list, which users love, and you can explore other recipes based on recipes on ingredients that you are already buying!

It’s no wonder why Yummly is the #1 food app in the US. As they expressed to us, “It’s all about discovery.”

With this app, you can get very specific search results, which allows you to find whatever you are looking for, whether you are a vegetarian who is allergic to peanuts, or simply want to avoid mayonnaise at all costs!

The iphone app has over a million downloads, and the website has over 15 million users, partly due to the increase interest in food and recipes of the millennial generation.

“People are interested in learning about food, but were not taught how to prepare it, which is where Yummly can be useful because it takes you step by step through the cooking process.”


This app is perfect for healthy eaters, looking to break out of their recipe rut, anyone with food allergies because it contains ingredients and nutrition facts, as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about food/recipes in general!


Yummly pulls content from across the web to cater to your preferences, so the app contains recipes from well known sources in addition to hidden gems from blogs that you may not necessarily come across on your own.

They have strong relationships with food sites and bloggers, allowing the app to grow and serve its users!

In the future, Yummly is planning to expand to android in order to serve more people, and translating into different languages and countries. “We will continue to focus on being the best at inspiring people to find new recipes and continue to create a global platform for food.”

The overall mission of Yummly is to be a digital recipe platform from inspiration planning, preparation to procurement.

Download Yummly on your iphone, search “healthy” and pick one recipe to try this week! (We recommend the tomato, corn and avocado salad). Enjoy!

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