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Gain Fitness Cross Trainer

Gain Fitness Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer by Gain Fitness provides you with workouts and exercises, and keeps track of your goals and progress. While the app is mostly geared toward those interested in strength training, exercises like long jump add a bit of variety. Out of the box, you get a basic set of fairly generic workouts and exercises. In order to increase the app’s library and access more specific tools, you’ll need to invest some dough in this otherwise FREE app. Expansions include: “Training Foundation,” “Advanced Traps,” “Extreme Abs,” and “Butt, Hips, and Thighs,” and run anywhere from $1.99 for basic packages to $29.99 for the most complex and information rich.

You can also link to your Runkeeper Health Graph account to track your workout progress online alongside running info. All in all, Cross Trainer is definitely worth a try, because you can test out functionality anduser-friendliness before you put any money into, and if you find it useful, you can add content until you’re blue in the face (both figuratively and literally).


Check out their website here.

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