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Favorite App Friday: Fitted Lifts

Nothing is more annoying than having to spend more time logging your workout than actually working out, which is exactly why Fitted Lifts was created. When we caught up with the makers of Fitted Lifts, they told us that they felt there was a need for a user friendly, simple way to record and track your daily workouts.

fitted lifts

With Fitted Lifts, you can create your own routines and workouts for the gym, and you can also record how many reps you complete, all in one or two clicks.

The app stays on the same main screen, so instead of having to go back and forth, you simply swipe up or down. This way, you won’t end up spending five minutes of precious gym time on your phone.

fitted lifts

Fitted Lifts was made to give gym users a plan of what they want to accomplish at each workout, and it encourages them to keep setting new goals.

It probably wouldn’t be as helpful for beginners as it would  be for people who are consistent in their workouts because there are no instructional videos, but overall it’s an awesome app.

We suggest using Fitted Lifts with any running app, such as Runtastic and any nutrition app such as Fooducate to give yourself an all around health tracking system inside and outside of the gym.

In the future, Fitted Lifts will incorporate new features such as your own personal statistics, that will make it an even better motivator for people to work out.

That way, users will be able to see their progress and improvements throughout their workout sessions. For example, you’ll get notifications when you set a new record!

Fitted Lifts is already simple and user friendly, but they would also love your feedback to make their app even better. If you have an iPhone, download it for only $1.99 and then email [email protected] to let them know what you think!

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