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Favorite App Friday: Jade of Spades

Jade Alexis was “born into the fitness industry,” as she told us in a recent interview. Growing up, she was a gymnast and a tennis player before she played division I basketball in college and discovered her passion for training by picking the brain of her strength coach. It’s safe to say Jade knows what she’s talking about when it comes to training, which is why celebrities like Alicia Keys, Eva Mendez, Brooklyn Decker and Jordin Sparks have worked with her to get fit.


So how do you get access to top-notch personal training like the stars? Download the Jade of Spades app that she personally created! It’s based on the deck of cards workout, so all you have to do is pick either cardio/strength, core series, leg workout, total body, or beginner series and then pick half or full deck.

You then can choose for “rest” to be on or off.  Once you start, you pick a card, so say you get 10 of spades, you would do 10 squat thrusts, pushups, etc. The app tells you what exercise to do and how many reps to complete before you rest, for about 12 seconds (if you chose the rest option).

Our favorite part about this app is that Jade is even the one demonstrating the exercises on your phone screen!

jade of spade

In making this app, Jade wanted to give the average person a tool to work out that they could use anywhere and get the most “bang for their buck.” (or in this case, the best workout). She was inspired by her celebrity clients that were traveling and performing on the road and didn’t have any equipment to work out. With Jade of Spades, anyone can get an amazing workout with no equipment.

If you’re just starting to work out and are nervous to go the gym, choose the beginner series, which consists of basic exercises that can get you started in fitness, pain free. The app works just as well for people who are fit and are simply just looking to get in a good workout, or are looking to switch up their current workout routine.

While most people prefer Jade of Spades, Jade herself actually prefers another app she created, 20 Down. As she told us, “It’s a pushup game that I started playing with clients and it’s more interactive. You can play against yourself, against me, or against a friend.” The app will tell you to do 10 pushups (or any variety of exercises) and then you swipe and the other person goes. It continues like this from 10 reps, down to 1 rep each.

If you’re busy, going on vacation, or looking to add to your workout routine, download Jade of Spades immediately because its FREE through the end of the year! “Every workout routine in the app is great for developing core and toning,” Jade told us, and in the future more features will be added, so be on the lookout!

Jade of Spades will give you a celebrity-style, high intensity, equipment free workout. What more could you want from an app?


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