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Favorite App Friday: Tabata!

At, we are big fans of using tabata to burn fat and increase endurance, which is why we get even more excited about apps like Tabata! 


Although Tabata! has only been available for download for about a month, it’s a must try! The workouts are short but very intensive and you can increase the level when you feel ready for a new challenge. Normally the daily workout is set for 4 minutes but if you want to keep going, you can add more sets for a longer workout.

No equiptment is needed to work out with Tabata! and you can earn badges by working out consistently, which will help keep you motivated.


As they recently told us, “We want people to take care of their health and help make their lives better.”

The makers of Tabata! wanted to be able to create workouts for personalized tabata training and while making the app, they paid special attention to the descriptions of the exercises for users because they felt that good descriptions seem to be rare in fitness apps.

They told us, “We have given our app a human touch by adding our character of a trainer and a real voice.”

Perhaps most appealing about this app is that it’s fun! It provides you with a new workout every day, and the more you workout, the better the app is at creating your workouts. The timer was created to be simple and convenient, and the descriptions of the exercises are super easy to follow.

Tabata! is $0.99 on itunes and with your download, you not only get a great workout, but you can also mark your favorite exercises. Tabata! is confident that this will be the best, user friendly workout timer you’ve ever tried, and we agree.

TabataScreenshot_1-workout TabataScreenshot_4-exercises

As for what is in store for Tabata! moving forward, they have “enormous plans.” In the future, it will be even more personalized for all users. “We are very careful about what we offer our users. Of course, we take into account what people like most and you can always refresh the list of exercises.”

Download Tabata! and combine it with any of your favorite nutrition apps for a full health plan that will get you on track to keep healthier habits.










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