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Featured App Friday: Go-Meal And Fitness Tracker

The Go- Meal and Fitness Tracker was created by Lolo, and it’s a new take on tracking meals. As the developers explained to us, “Some calorie trackers are a pain to use. You have to enter each ingredient and it can become time consuming.”

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Calorie trackers are supposed to work by making you take a second to think about what you are eating, and therefore, you make better choices. The trouble is that most trackers take too much time, so they’re not as effective.

Go-Meal and Fitness Tracker allows you to focus less on calories, and more on healthy eating and feeling full. They also specify that you can use this app in only one second.


While the food industry has people that work to make you crave the sugar, fat and salt in their products, Go-Meal and Fitness Tracker believes that if users, “Make the choice to eat healthier, the calories will work themselves out. This is why we made the app so that people can instantly record their meal and use trends in their eating patters to dictate the behavioral changes that they should make.”

People have no time, and they don’t necessarily want to workout and eat healthy. This app removes barriers and excuses, so that you are more likely to create these healthy habits. It “tricks you into wanting to exercise!”

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If you have tried calorie trackers in the past, whether you were temporatily successful, or didn’t see the benefits, give Go-Fitness and Meal tracker a try. This is a tracker you can stick with because you’re allowed to give up on the idea of counting calories, so you wont feel deprivation.

With a team of certified personal trainers and a registered dietitian, it’s safe to say that the developers of Go-Meal and Fitness tracker are reliable, which is another reason we love it!

Track your diet with Go-Meal and Fitness Tracker, and workout with the 7 minute workout app, also made by Lolo. It’’ll give you a short and effective, high intensity workout with interval training!

We love that 7 Minute Workout contains beat sync technology, so the music changes to the pace you should be moving, which has been shown to improve fitness results by up to 25%.

Download Go-Meal and Fitness tracker TODAY for $1.99 on iTunes to start tracking your health, without tracking every calorie!

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