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Featured App Friday: Withings Health Mate

Withings Health Mate gives you a broad picture of your general health and it has two main goals.

1)   You can retrieve data from our devices such as Withings Scale and Withings Pulse to monitor blood pressure, measure your steps, heart rate and sleep patterns

2)   Track your runs and your sleep.


When Withings Health Mate first became available, it only showed your weight, but they knew that health is a broad concept, not just how much you weigh or how many steps you take.

The addition to your activity, heart rate and sleep patterns, Withings Health Mate gives you a deeper understanding of your health in all of these apecets in one place.

Withings Health Mate goes beyond graphing your progress, with the help of the butterfly wings that grow and shrink along with your habits.


As they told us, “We wanted something that can be as visual as possible. In next version, we will go even a step farther and tell you what you’ve been doing wrong and right with tips.”

This app is perfect for anyone that wants to take care of his or her health, and people who want to lose weight, fat mass, or run a little more.

It may also be helpful for someone who has family history of blood pressure issues. It’s about taking care of health, not only about getting fit.

One of the reasons we love it is that you don’t have to be exceptionally fit to use this app.

Withings has teamed up with a variety of apps to better serve its users, and we suggest using this app with Runkeeper, MyfitnessPal, and/or Up by Jawbone.

Withings Health Mate wants to keep targeting as many people as possible in the future and keep the app as simple as possible while embracing intelligent coach in next few months.


In addition to Withings Health Mate, this app company also makes Withings Pulse (as mentioned earlier) For users that are familiar with Withings Pulse, there is leader board each week in which you start with 0 steps, and have the change to win the most steps of the week! It was designed to be social, so you can invite friends and you get notifications when you pass someone.

We love this virtual race because it promotes friendly competition, AND you can help people around the world take more steps each week!

Heads Up! Withings Aura is coming soon, and it will measure your sleep without any invasiveness in addition to working as a night light with sound to help wake you up!

If you’re interested in learning more about your general health patterns and you’re ready to make small, healthy changes, download Withings Health Mate FREE on iTunes or Google Play!

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