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Gamify Your Workouts with Fitocracy

This isn’t your average fitness app.  Fitocracy is all about making fitness interesting.  Every time you work out: log your exercises, weights, sets, and reps, and you’ll earn points for your profile. You can follow other users and even form groups with people who share your interests. No matter how much fitness experience you have, you’re sure to learn a bunch from other users and from Fitocracy’s built-in content. Ever wonder how to perform an Advanced Widowmaker? Fitocracy’s got you covered.

You can also log achievements, such as “Hot off the Press,” Fitocracy’s name for a barbell bench press at 0.90% of your body-weight, or “Up and At Them,” a standing dumbbell shoulder press at 0.35% body-weight. Finally, the “Quests” feature will send you on new adventures in fitness and let your friends know they have some catching up to do. Most appealing is the app’s design. It’s somewhat Facebookesque, providing you with real-time feeds and a strong emphasis on the social side of fitness.

Fitocracy setup screenshot Fitocracy points screenshot


So many fitness apps are about precision calorie-counting and goal-setting, but the makers of Fitocracy take a different approach. This is an app that is a pleasure to use, that keeps you connected to friends, and doesn’t reduce you fitness ambitions to simple equations. While you may not be able to track your progress down to every last calorie, Fitocracy will keep you coming back for more, and that motivation will lead to results.

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This app works really well with small groups of friends or family. There’s nothing like challenging one another to keep up the forward fitness momentum. Fitocracy will help you keep each other accountable, and turn your fitness goals into reality.


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