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OKU Skin Coach, Your Own Personal Dermatologist App

OKU Skin Coach

OKU Skin Coach

Health monitoring devices are getting more and more popular. Fitness monitoring devices were introduced more than a decade ago and in the recent period they have become more efficient thanks to advances in technology. We all know about the existence of heart rate, sleep and steps monitors. What the market missed is a device that can monitor the skin health and a few months ago we finally got the chance to have one.

OKU is the first personal skin scanning and monitoring device in the world. Although this is a new product it was already presented in many tech magazines as one of the most innovative gadgets in the recent periods. Skin health is a trending topic these days since the modern lifestyle and the pollution we are exposed to can lead to premature aging of the skin.

Now, thanks to mobile technology and this simple device you will get your very own personal dermatologists, available any time you need them. This device works with iPhone and unlike other skin-related devices and apps that analyze the exterior of our body; OKU can go way deeper in the skin and warn us about any possible skin problems.

What makes OKU, your personal skin coach, so attractive is the way it is used. All it takes is to connect OKU with your iPhone, place the gadget up to your skin and push the button. The analysis will be prepared after few seconds. On top of that, you will get tips and advice on how to improve skin health especially in the problematic areas. These are not some predefined tips shared with every user – they are specifically designed for your skin.

The speed and simplicity of this device make many people skeptical, but the truth is that this is not a toy. It is a precise device that was introduced on the market after years of scientific tests, studies and research.

OKU comes with a uniquely-designed light source that illuminates skin. This source is perfectly safe and doesn’t affect skin health. Skin tissue structures such as elastin, collagen and oil glands are located only a few millimeters under the first skin layer so it is not difficult for OKU  to analyze these structures. This unique technology was based on three sciences – dermoscopy, nanotechnology and spectroscopy. Dermoscopy is used to assess medical problems. Nanotechnology is used for manipulations of particles on a micro level while spectroscopy is used for analyzing relations between matter and energy.

Once OKU gets the necessary information about your skin (after the scanning is finished) it send the data to the mobile OKU app. The OKU app then analyzes the data and provides you with detailed information about the state of your skin.

From the moment OKU gets this information, it becomes your own personal dermatologist. This means that you will get regular recommendations and advice about the changes that you need to make in your diet, skin care and lifestyle in general in order to improve your skin health. By following these tips and scanning your skin regularly you will surely notice the improvements.

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