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FitTrip: The Future of iPad Fitness Apps

UnknownAny great product, or in our case, app that is successful and meaningful to users starts with a problem that needs to be solved. We spoke with FitTrip about their brand new (and awesome) iPad app and they explained why they felt the need to spend years making a cycling and running app with such high quality. They broke it down to three main reasons that we wanted to share with you. What all three come down to are the coaching aspect of the app through engagement of the Heart Rate Monitor because while most fitness apps are made for the outdoors and use GPS, FitTrip is one of the only apps that can give you everything you need to know about your indoor workout.

1. Complexity.  The creators of FitTrip felt that there is lot of complex terminology in fitness that has been confusing the public and hindering their ability to get in shape. The calculations on FitTrip take away the complicated math formulas, and give you only what you want to know; your heart rate and calorie burn based on your goals. Say you want to lose weight. The app takes out the complexity of calculating your heart rate and percentage of calories burned, and it simply shows up on your screen. All you have to do is look!

Unknown-12) Boredom. This app may be many things, but boring is not one of them. The scenery is engaging and beautiful, making your workout less of a chore and more of an adventure. The creators of FitTrip personally went to the locations to tape their mountain bike rides with a head camera and film production. In France alone, we were told they rode about 3,000 miles in 10 days. If that doesn’t show their dedication and passion for this app, I don’t know what else would convince you.

 3)Statistics. When people want to lose weight, they face challenges in not being able to see rewards  and progress right away. As soon as you open FitTrip, it tells you how many trips you’ve taken and how many continents you’ve covered as well as your mileage, calories burned, etc.  Because you constantly see what you’ve been up to, no workout feels like it was a waste, which keeps you motivated to continue. As they explained, it would be very unlikely to see that you’ve burned 70,000 calories over a specific amount of time and not have that change you, both physically and mentally.

FitTrip is really looking to establish a meaningful connection with its users. They encourage the public to share their ideas about the app so that they can continue improving it in ways that the users want. For more information and opportunity to donate to the progress of building this app, check out

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