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Burn This

screen322x572-2If you are looking for a way to stalk other fitness enthusiasts, Burn This, is the fitness app for you! Just kidding…but not really. As I signed into the app they only issue I had was that they want you to choose from the male and female symbol to describe yourself. Well, I had to look that up to make sure I choose the right one. Ha! Other than that the sign in was easy.

It is easy to navigate through the pages and pretty self-explanatory if you use other social media apps. On your “B Wall” or newsfeed, you can follow people with similar interests, people you know, or people you want to stalk. Personally, the best part of the app is their ‘challenges’ section. There are a couple of challenges listed for participation; both are simply, to upload a picture relating to the topic to be entered for a chance to win a prize. Seems like a pretty simple way to get users to continually contribute picture while also being able to control what genre of pictures they are getting.

My one big complaint about this app is the look. Although, it’s pretty and simple, it’s not aesthetically pleasing to me, personally. It’s almost distracting. The purple and black color scheme seems too dark; it becomes hard to differentiate between pages. As far as how the app works, I don’t have friends to follow, but the pictures they posted are cool, but monotonous. I guess it could have potential, but seems kind of boring to me as of now.



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